Arbutus Trees

About Us

Arbutus Bluff was an idea formulated on our desire to escape the city and live in a more rural setting. It began with the purchase of 10 acres in 2000 and breaking ground in 2003. The design of the B&B incorporates comforts that we enjoyed on our own visits to B&B'S in both North America and Europe. A separate wing houses the two large, luxurious guest rooms allowing you to enjoy the comforts and ambiance of a home, yet have your own private retreat.

The B&B is located on a high bluff at the south end of the property. This affords a spectacular southern view overlooking the many waterways and islands that make up the Gulf Islands. The remainder of the property is a combination of forest and meadow which we have left in a natural state to attract the wildlife on the island.

Eagles silently riding the thermals created off the bluff. Hawks and Owls hunting in the forest behind. Woodpeckers and Blue Jays around the house. Gold Finch in the meadow and Hummingbirds on the deck. Deer ranging through the meadow and grazing outside your window in the morning. These are common sights here at Arbutus Bluff.

Our courtyard, situated between the B&B and the main house, offers a large table to enjoy meals and drinks, two reclining deck lounges and our hot tub. Arbutus Bluff is truly all about relaxation. One of our favourite things is enjoying the hot tub and the spectacular view during the day or the amazing stars at night.